Development Management

Development Contribution Rebate Scheme

Builders and developers can apply to a local authority for a refund on development levies where they plan to construct residential units within certain thresholds and in specific locations.

Part 8 Development Consultation

Local authorities must give public notice, under Part 8 of the planning laws, when they propose to build housing, roads, bridges, tunnels, fire stations, libraries or public swimming pools. You can have an input into the proposal through consultation.

Part V Planning Exemption Certificate

Local authorities may issue certificates of exemption, under Part 5 of the planning laws, to developers for smaller residential developments which are excluded from social and affordable housing requirements.

Planning Bond Management

Local authorities may require developers to lodge a cash sum, insurance company bond or other security which can be used to carry out works if a development does not meet required standards.

Planning Bond Refund

Local authorities may refund or return unused planning bonds where completed works have been carried out to the required standard.

Planning Permission

You must apply for planning permission if you want to build or demolish property, or significantly alter the use of land or property unless the development is exempt.

Planning Permission Extension of Duration

You can apply to the local authority to extend the duration of a grant of planning permission if the work is not complete before the grant of planning permission expires.

Pre-Planning Consultation

Local authorities may hold pre planning meetings or consultations if you want information and advice about the planning process before making an application.

Site Suitability Assessment

Local authorities may assess proposed wastewater treatment and disposal systems on sites being considered for single houses.

Skip Placement Licence

You must apply for a licence to the local authority if you want to place a skip on a public road or footpath.

Strategic Environmental Assessment Consultation

Local authorities may carry out strategic environmental assessments to evaluate the environmental impact of implementing their development plan. You can have an input into these assessments through consultation.

Street Furniture Licence

You must apply to the local authority for a licence to place furniture such as tables and chairs on the public footpath outside your premises.