Information Technology

Broadband Connection Points

Local authorities provide broadband connection points at specific locations to provide quality broadband services to local communities.

Broadband Intervention Services

Local authorities may support broadband service operators to provide assistance to members of the public to help them with broadband installation issues and to provide alternative services until full fibre broadband is available.

Digital Programme

Local authorities develop programmes to promote the use of digital technologies to improve service delivery, policy and engagement with communities.

Geographic Information Systems Data Access

Local authorities collect geographic data about services such as planning applications, water supplies, road networks and the environment for sharing through interactive maps and data sets.

Local Authority Websites

Local authorities develop and maintain websites to provide information about local authority services, structures, management and elected members.

National Broadband Plan Support

Local authorities coordinate the roll out of the Government's National Broadband Plan by working with telecommunications companies to deliver broadband services and encourage the take up of high speed connectivity.

Public WiFi

Local authorities provide free public WiFi in designated areas to increase public access to online services, promote economic growth, develop digital infrastructure and improve quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors.

Service Alerts

Local authorities provide information to service users who subscribe to a free alert service by issuing updates about services such as road works, planning applications, severe weather and flood alerts and community notices through the messaging service.

Data and Data Analytics Publication

Local authorities publish data on specific service areas such as water, soil and air quality, traffic, cycling and pedestrian movement and parking event management. Local authorities analyse the data to inform the development of new services and improve existing services.

Digital Strategy Publication

Local authorities publish strategies to develop and promote digital economies, digital infrastructure, digital skills, digital societies and services.

Digital Strategy Consultation

Local authorities prepare strategies to develop and promote digital economies, digital infrastructure, digital skills, digital societies and services. You can have an input into the strategies through consultation.

Information Technology Reports

Local authorities may provide reports and information on information technology related matters to government departments and other agencies.