Geographic Information Systems Data Access

Local authorities collect geographic data about services such as planning applications, water supplies, road networks and the environment for sharing through interactive maps and data sets.

The PACE Project is a collaborative initiative by Ordnance Survey Ireland and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. It aims to provide local authorities with a bespoke spatial data tool for digitally capturing the site geometries of statutory planning applications. Local authorities currently capture this important spatial data with a variety of systems and tools which have developed over several years – PACE seeks to provide a standard geo-spatial app to undertake this specific data capture exercise and assist local authorities in performing a critical planning data task.

The project also seeks to aggregate this data nationally as a process improvement to the established NPAD service. DHLGH and OSI have commissioned Esri Ireland to develop a bespoke planning application capture tool and significant engagement has been undertaken with interested sectoral stakeholders in the development process.

Carlow County Council are currently in the process of integrating our systems into PACE.