Abattoir Licence

Small approved meat processing and slaughter facilities must apply to the local authority for an abattoir licence.

Animal Welfare Grant

Local authorities may provide financial support to animal welfare groups to help with animal welfare activities.

Dog Reclaiming

You can request to reclaim your seized dog from the dog pound.

Dog Rehoming

Local authorities operate dog shelters to rehome dogs that have been delivered to the shelter.

General Dog Licence

You must hold a valid licence if you manage a dog kennel with 20 or more dogs. You can apply to the local authority for an annual licence.

Stray Dog Control

Local authorities may seize stray dogs and take them to the dog pound or kennels to be reclaimed or rehomed.

Stray Horse Control

Local authorities may arrange to seize stray horses on public land and take them to an animal pound to be reclaimed or rehomed.

Zoonoses Monitoring

Local authorities may test and monitor zoonoses such as bacteria, parasites and viruses which can transfer infectious diseases from animals to humans.