Stray Dog Control

Local authorities may seize stray dogs and take them to the dog pound or kennels to be reclaimed or rehomed.

A stray dog is considered to be a dog in a public place that is unaccompanied by the owner or a responsible person. Dogs that are not under proper control are also considered stray dogs.

You can receive an on-the-spot fine of €100 if your dog is not under proper control. Stray dogs can be seized by the dog warden or Gardaí and brought to a dog shelter. These dogs may be put down or re-homed if their owners do not claim them within 5 days.

If your dog has strayed or is missing, you should contact the local dog shelter directly to check if your dog is there. Before you collect it, you will have to pay a re-claim fee and produce a current dog licence. If you do not have a current dog licence, you must get one before collecting your dog.


Carlow Kilkenny Dog Shelter

Address: Garryduff, Paulstown, County Kilkenny R95 WK68

Phone: 059 9726785