Local Authority Websites

Local authorities develop and maintain websites to provide information about local authority services, structures, management and elected members.

One of the key actions under the Digital Services pillar of the Carlow Digital Strategy was to tender for a build a new redesigned website for Carlow.ie. This structure of the new website should be based the National Service Catalogue of local authority services and will directly use the api provided by the Local Government Management Agency. This National Services Catalogue has a list of over 1,000 services provided by all local authorities making it easier to find services than ever before.

The new website is built on Local Government Drupal which is a publicly available, free-to-use, publishing platform. It is built on the concept of build to share and is built by councils for council.

The website conforms to accessibility laws and requirements such as W3C, WC2C and was built using a responsive design.

The tender for the new website was issued in November 2022 and was awarded in February 2023.

Development of this website took 6 months, and it was finally launched in January 2024