Road Safety

Collision Prevention Programme

Local Authorities, together with An Garda Síochána (national police) may run collision preventions programmes to identify and make safe locations where frequent accidents have occurred.

Electronic Speed Signs

Local authorities may provide electronic speed signs to warn drivers if they have exceeded the speed limit.

Low Cost Accident Scheme

Local authorities may carry out road safety improvement works at single sites or on a road where the site or road has been the location of accidents or near misses causing injury.

Road Emergency Response

Local authorities may attend emergencies on public roads such as road traffic accidents, oil spills, loose animals or fallen debris, walls or fences.

Road Safety Initiatives

Local authorities run road safety initiatives to promote and raise awareness of safer road use.

Road Safety Materials

Local authorities may provide road safety materials such as high visibility vests, arm bands, reflectors and cycle lights to the public.

School Crossings

Local authorities may engage school traffic wardens to operate school crossings and help children cross public roads safely on their way to and from school.

School Warning Lights

Local authorities may provide warning lights near schools to alert motorists to reduce speed and improve road safety.