Library Information Technology

eLearning Courses Online

Public libraries provide a range of free online courses such as computer skills, accountancy, creative writing and psychology to support lifelong learning.

eLibrary Resources Online Lending

Public libraries may provide online books, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers which library members can download and borrow free of charge.

Internet Access

Public libraries provide free internet access to library users.

Library Online Catalogues Access

Public libraries may provide online catalogues in library branches so that library users can search for titles or topics they are interested in.

Library Podcasts

Public libraries may provide podcasts on relevant topics which library users can listen to on the library podcast page or download and save to a tablet, laptop or other device.

Reference Resources Online

Public libraries may provide access to online resources such as Ordinance Survey Ireland (OSI) maps, World Health Organisation (WHO) collections, RIAN Open Access Irish research publications, dictionaries and other reference resources for library members.

Remote Printing

Public libraries may provide remote access to printers so that library users can send print jobs from their home or office to a printer in the library and later print them at the library.

Self-service Kiosks

Public libraries may provide self service kiosks so that library members can borrow and return books and other resources without going to the library desk.