Septic Tank Regulations Enforcement

Local authorities regulate septic tanks and domestic waste water treatment systems to reduce the risk to human health and the environment.

Registration of DWWTS/ Septic Tanks

If you have a septic tank or similar treatment system, you must register its details with your local authority and pay a registration fee.

The general deadline for registration was 1 February 2013, but late registrations are still being accepted - see below. If you register after the deadline, you will not be eligible for any grant if your system is found to need remedial work - see ‘Grant Information' below.

New systems which have been installed or built after 1 February 2013 must be registered within 90 days of being connected. Replacements of previously registered systems do not have to be registered separately. There are 3 ways to register your system:

  1. Online at
  2. By post: You can download a form (pdf). Forms are also available by calling LoCall 1890 800 800 for information. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Protect Our Water’ and posted to Protect our Water, PO Box 12204, Dublin 7.
  3. Registration Forms are also available on the Septic Tank Grant Page.

Change of Ownership

To register a new owner of a DWWTS (for example, after the sale of a house) the new owner should contact Protect Our Water LoCall 1890 800 800 for information.