Septic Tank Grant

Local authorities may provide financial support to homeowners to upgrade or replace septic tanks or domestic waste water treatment systems.

Queries in relation to Septic Tank Grants can be directed to the Environment Section:

by phone 059 9172480 / 059 9136231 or 
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What is A Septic Tank Grant?

This grant is available to assist with the costs of remediation, repair or upgrading works to, or replacement of, a Domestic Waste Water Treatment System (DWWTS) that serves a house, where the works arise directly from an inspection carried out under Part 4A of the Water Services Act 2007 (as inserted under the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012), and the subsequent issue of an Advisory Notice by the housing authority.

Important: Costs related to routine maintenance or servicing of DWWTS, or desludging of such systems, do not qualify for grant aid.

What Level of Grant Aid is Available?

The level of grant aid available is determined on the basis of 85% of the approved cost of the works subject to a maximum of €5,000. There is no minimum expenditure requirement on the eligible works in order to qualify for a grant.

What Types of Applicants are Ineligible for a Grant?

An applicant is not eligible for a grant if, in the opinion of the housing authority:

  1. The house served by the DWWTS concerned is not occupied by the applicant as their primary place of residence (e.g. a holiday home), or
  2. The house served by the DWWTS concerned is at present connected to a public sewerage scheme, or
  3. The house served by the DWWTS concerned can be connected to an existing sewerage scheme, or
  4. The house served by the DWWTS concerned is under construction or has been constructed within the previous 7 years, or
  5. A grant for improvement of the DWWTS that serves the house concerned has been paid within the previous 7 years, or
  6. The improvement works are not completed satisfactorily in their entirety as detailed in their proposals, or
  7. The house served by the DWWTS concerned has not been registered with by the prescribed date.