Scaffolding Licence

You must apply to the local authority if you want to erect scaffolding on a public road.

Schedule of documentation to be submitted with the Application:

  1. Payment of Licence fee (Part 17, Section 202 (1) Planning & Development Regulations 2001 - €125 per calendar month or part thereof.
  2. Site Location Map, showing extent of scaffolding/hoarding.
  3. Submission of details of work proposed and copy of Planning Permission/Exemption Certificate.
  4. A copy of the insurance policy, which specifically declares that Carlow County Council is indemnified against all claims, and in which the amount of cover is stated to be €6.5m, must be produced with the application for a Licence.
  5. A detailed plan/sketch, showing the location of the proposed hoarding/scaffolding/structure & its exact dimensions.
  6. A Work Method Statement / Traffic Management Plan or Proposal (see notes below)
  7. Type of scaffolding to be used.

(Notes on Point 6 )

Where it is proposed to locate a hoarding/scaffolding on a public road, a Work Method Statement/Traffic Management Plan, or proposal for management of same, which includes the following, must be submitted:

  • Proposed arrangements to ensure minimum impact on traffic flow.
  • Arrangements for deliveries to the site include time of day restrictions, vehicle queuing arrangements etc.
  • Provision for on-street storage of materials, skip debris, machinery etc.

A Pedestrian Management Plan/Proposal

Where it is proposed to place a hoarding/ scaffolding on a public road or footpath, which will interfere with pedestrian movement a Pedestrian Management Plan/Proposal, which includes the following, must be submitted:

  • Arrangements for pedestrian diversions including proposals for temporary footpaths, ramps, signage, fencing etc.

Note:   Failure to supply the above with application will deem application invalid.