Building Control

7-Day Notice

You must give 7 days notice to the relevant local authority before starting building work. The notice must say that the building will meet fire safety standards and that you will complete any requirements of the Fire Safety Certificate within a set time.

Building Control Register

Local authorities maintain a public register of building control activities such as Commencement Notices, 7-Day Notices, Certificates of Compliance on Completion, Disability Access Certificates and Fire Safety Certificates.

Building Energy Rating Enforcement

Local authorities may take action against those who provide an existing building for sale or let or occupies a new building for the first time which does not have a Building Energy Rating or a Display Energy Rating Certificate registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

Building Regulations Enforcement

Local authorities regulate the design and construction of new buildings, altered buildings and buildings undergoing a change of use to ensure they comply with fire safety, accessibility, proper planning and building regulations.

Building Regulations Works Authorisation

Local authorities may assess applications for a relaxation or exemption from building regulations and may grant or refuse an application based on their assessment.

Commencement Notice Submission

You must submit a commencement notice through the National Building Control Management System before you start building work for which you have received planning permission.

Disability Access Certificate

You must apply to the local authority for a certificate if you construct a new building, carry out alterations or change the use of a specified existing building. This confirms that a building complies with disability access requirements before it is occupied or used.

Fire Regularisation Certificate

You must apply to the local authority for a certificate if you own a non-domestic building or apartment block which was completed without a Fire Safety Certificate to confirm that the building complies with fire safety standards.

Fire Safety Certificate

You must apply to the local authority for a certificate if you build, extend or substantially alter a building (other than dwelling houses and certain agricultural buildings) to confirm that the proposed works comply with fire safety standards.