Local Economic and Community Plan Consultation

Local authorities, together with Local Community Development Committees and other stakeholders, prepare plans to promote and support local economic and community development. You can have an input into the plans through consultation.

The vision of the new and second Carlow Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) for 2023 – 2029, forged through extensive consultation is a powerful declaration.  “County Carlow is committed to a just and sustainable future”.

The purpose of the LECP, as provided for in the Local Government (Reform) Act 2014, is to set out, for a six-year period, the objectives and actions needed to promote and support the economic development and the local and community development of the relevant local authority area, both by itself directly and in partnership with other economic and community development stakeholders.

The six High-Level Goals that underpin this plan provide a comprehensive framework, encompassing both community and economic aspects. These goals, and their associated objectives are tools to coordinate existing public funds efficiently, maximize their impact, and attract additional funding from the public and private sectors.

The accompanying 2-year Implementation Plan (1st of three 2-year plans), with its 55 actions will ensure that these goals and objectives are brought to fruition, and this will be monitored and reviewed by Carlow Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) and the Culture, Libraries & Digital Development, Tourism, Enterprise and Economic Development Strategic Policy Committee (SPC).

For further information and to access both the Strategy and it’s first 2-year Implementation Plan, please click on the following links: