Major Emergency Management

Local authorities, together with other Principal Response Agencies, manage and respond to major emergencies such as floods, storms and hazardous substance incidents to protect life and property, minimise disruption to the community and give immediate support to those affected. A major emergency is any event which, usually with little or no warning, causes or threatens injury or death, serious disruption of essential services, or damage to property, the environment or infrastructure beyond the normal capabilities of the principal emergency services.

Major Emergency Management is a challenging and priority issue for Carlow County Council. Our Major Emergency Plan, which has been prepared and reviewed in accordance with the Framework for Major Emergency Management (2006), sets out how we as a Local Authority are prepared to protect our citizens, environment and infrastructure in the event of a Major Emergency.

The purpose of this Major Emergency Plan is to put in place arrangements that will enable Carlow County Council to effectively manage a major emergency in co-ordination with the other Principal Response Agencies, An Garda Síochána and the Health Service Executive. While no contingency plan can cater for every possible scenario, the procedures set out in this Major Emergency Plan will ensure that staff at all levels are aware of their responsibilities and that appropriate actions are initiated in a timely and effective manner to deal with a major emergency throughout all its phases.

Carlow County Council, plans and prepares for Major Emergencies on an ongoing basis. The Major Emergency Management Section facilitates and coordinates the preparation of a Major Emergency Plan, and training for staff of Carlow County Council.