Fire Service Water Rescue Response

Local authorities, together with other stakeholders, respond to water and flooding incidents to rescue those in danger, distress or at risk due to flooding.

Carlow Fire and Rescue Service are increasingly called to attend incidents involving flood water and rescue/recovery from open water sources. In some situations, such as at low-risk bodies of water, a wading rescue by non-specialist first responders might be entirely appropriate. Other situations may require the deployment of the inflatable boat and designated rescue boat operators. There may be hazards that are not obvious and could place firefighters at risk. In deciding which control measures are appropriate to manage an incident safely, incident commanders will need to be mindful of potential hazards and their knowledge of flood phenomena. They will need to base their decisions on the balance of risks to personnel and members of the public.

The Irish Coast Gourd has responsibilities for Search and Rescue on inland waters, rivers and lakes. In the event of an emergency good co-ordination arrangements are critical to enable the contribution of all responding agencies. Arrangements are in place for the swift activation of the Fire and Rescue Service water rescue response.