Fire Service Charge Payment

Local authorities may charge those who benefit from the response of the fire service to domestic and commercial fires, chimney fires, road traffic accidents and false alarm incidents.

The following list are the Scale of Charges associated with various incidences that Carlow County Fire and Rescue Service attend:

In Accordance with Section 35 of the Fire services Act, 1981 & 2003 and the Local Government (Financial Provision) (No. 2) Act, 1983, the following charges apply to all fire Service call-outs in the County of Carlow.

  1. Charges
  • Chimney Fires                                   €250
  • All other incidents attended               Economic Cost
  1. Hardship Clause/discount
  • A hardship clause/discount may be applied in certain instances.

Note: The charges set out above will be subject to a 10% discount if paid within 30 days from the issue of the invoice.