Abnormal Load Permit

You must apply to the local authority for a permit if you want to transport heavy or wide loads on public roads.

Abnormal Load Permits generally apply to vehicles carrying abnormal or indivisible loads on public roads. In exceptional circumstances, for example, the carriage of abnormal and indivisible loads (AILS), the legal limits on weights and dimensions may be exceeded. Where it is proposed to carry a load which is such that the gross weight or axle weights are in excess of the legal limits or the dimensional or projecting limits are breached, a permit must be obtained from the relevant local authority or authorities through whose functional area(s) the load will be carried.

A permit is required when the load being transported is in excess of the guidelines outlined in the Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations 2003.The Road Traffic Regulations pertaining to Abnormal Loads are available at this link No. 5 2003 - Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles).

Applications must be submitted on the appropriate application form, together with appropriate fee. 

You may contact the Roads Department by emailing: roadsoffice@carlowcoco.ie