Dangerous Places Enforcement

Local authorities may take action against owners of places likely to be dangerous to the public such as excavations, quarries, pits, wells, reservoirs and dumps.

Under Sections 2 and 3 of the Local Government (Sanitary Services) Act 1964, the Council is entitled to serve notice on property owners where, in the opinion of the Council, a property is dangerous, requesting them to carry out remedial action to make the property safe.

The Council is empowered to deal with structures or places which are a danger or likely to be a danger to the public.

A notice may be served on the owner requiring works to be carried out to prevent the structure or place from being dangerous. The Council may also carry out such works itself and recover the costs from the owner.

Comprehensive powers of enforcement can be exercised by this Section under the Local Government Acts. When Carlow County Council becomes aware of any structure (or place) that is or is likely to become dangerous an Inspector carries out an investigation, the ownership is established, and the owner is written to.  Appropriate action is then taken to eliminate the danger.

If you have a query relating to a Dangerous Structure or place please contact the Planning Section.

By email: dangerousstructures@carlowcoco.ie
By phone: 059 9170300
By Post: Carlow County Council, County Buildings, Athy Road, Carlow. R93E7R7