Request for Proposals for Mural at Former Crotty’s Premises, Lower Tullow Street Carlow

Mural Proposals Crottys

Carlow County Council – Public Art Working Group are pleased to invite proposals from talented artists and arts groups specializing in visual art, mural art, exterior wall painting, design, collaborative, or community engaged practice. The opportunity at hand entails the development of an outdoor artistic intervention—a mural painting on the Former Crotty’s Premises in Carlow Town.

The commissioned artwork carries a dual purpose: to infuse color and wonder into the street, while also conveying a powerful message about "our town centre".

Our Town Centre embodies the vibrant heartbeat of community life, both past and future. We envision a captivating piece that depicts Carlow's essence, weaving together its rich history and promising future. Artists are encouraged to embrace a palette that radiates the energy of a bustling community, yet maintains a sense of harmony. The composition should fluidly capture the rhythm of daily life, interlacing subtle nuances that define our town center as a tapestry of shared moments. Moreover, we encourage artists to infuse the artwork with a touch of nostalgia and pride, invoking the collective spirit that defines our cherished community.

This project aims to:

  • Stimulate the renewal and revitalization of the town by enhancing key areas.
  • Foster strong relationships through engagement with the community and business stakeholders.
  • Further propel the current momentum towards portraying Carlow Town as a vibrant place to live, visit, and work.

The selected artwork will adorn the full façade of the Former Crotty’s Premises. The building will be prepared with a single undercoat of white. The entire length of the wall (13m in width X 7.5m approx. in height) is available for painting, subject to the elements. As such, proposals should acknowledge the open space nature of the site, considering its exposure to wind and rain. Additionally, given the involvement of working at height, proposals must confirm the capacity to act as project supervisor during the construction stage.

Interested artists or arts groups are invited to submit their proposals by 20th May 2024 @ 12 noon . For submission guidelines and further details, please contact Linda Culleton on 059 9129783 or 

Full details are located here: Request for Proposals for Mural at Former Crotty’s Premises

Closing date for submissions is 20th May 2024 @ 12 noon.