Council Hosts – Green for Business Clinics to support County Carlow SME’s access sustainability supports.

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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the importance of sustainability is more evident than ever. As a business owner, adopting sustainable practices can revolutionise your operations, resulting in improved efficiencies and significant cost savings. To facilitate this transition, the Local Enterprise Office in Carlow County Council is offering Green for Business Clinics to help County Carlow SMEs access various support mechanisms.

Coilín O'Reilly, Chief Executive of Carlow County Council, stated, "We are thrilled to collaborate with a team of Green SME specialists to assist County Carlow companies in unlocking a variety of available supports." Colin continued to say “During these private one-on-one sessions, SMEs will learn how sustainability can enhance their business competitiveness and gain practical insights on applying for the Green for Business Voucher, which covers up to 75% of project implementation costs”.

Coilín added, "With the recent government announcement of increased green support for SMEs, we aim to ensure that Carlow companies are fully prepared for this funding opportunity available later in 2024."

The Green for Business Clinics will be delivered on 25th of June 2024 by VisionGreen Consultancy, 16th of July 2024  by Consortia Co., 20th of August by  Sustineo and 10th of September by Centigo.

Clinic attendees with get overview advice on sustainability projects that affect their bottom line while also supporting their application for the Green for Business voucher. Green for Business is a complimentary programme designed to help SMEs embark on their sustainability journey. Participants will receive guidance from a green consultant who will illustrate how small, actionable changes can result in significant positive impacts on both the business and the environment.

Sarah Byrne, Business Advisor with the Local Enterprise Office in Carlow County Council said, “Adopting sustainable practices is not just about corporate responsibility; it’s about tapping into a reservoir of potential that can drive cost savings, operational efficiencies, and a stronger market presence,” Sarah continued to say “Green for Business equips SMEs with the tools and knowledge to make these impactful changes.”

Embracing a sustainable approach offers numerous advantages. Businesses can experience increased cost savings by using resources more efficiently, which leads to lower operational costs. Improved resource efficiency, such as reducing energy, water, and material consumption, further enhances operational performance. Additionally, reducing the environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions contributes to a healthier planet, while sustainable practices can enhance the value of products and services. Companies committed to sustainability often gain increased access to customers and enjoy an improved corporate image and reputation. Moreover, these businesses are better equipped to withstand the impacts of climate change, ensuring long-term resilience.

Jannette O'Brien, Climate Action Coordinator with Carlow County Council “It is vital that SME’s develop and implement plans and practices for sustainability that have a consequential impact not just for today but for future generations. We must also ensure to eliminate the confusion caused by green washing for marketing to enable our consumers to reduce their environmental footprint” Janette continued to say, “Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering as outlined by actions in our Climate Action Plan 2024-2029 and we recognise that sustainability is the cornerstone of enduring business success.  Supporting our SMEs through the Green for Business programme we are investing in a resilient, prosperous future for everyone in our community.”

The Green for Business programme is available to enterprises with 1-50 employees, excluding those engaged in activities deemed ineligible by the Local Enterprise Offices.  To qualify, enterprises must be established, registered, and operating within County Carlow. . They must operate in the commercial sector, have an annual turnover exceeding €30,000, and have been trading for more than six months. 

To book your place on the Green for Business Clinics go to or contact any member of the Local Enterprise Office Team on 059 9129783


Clinic 1 Booking: Green for Business Clinic – 1 to 1 Session with VisionGreen Consultancy – 1 hour - Local Enterprise Office - Carlow

Clinic 2 Booking: Green for Business Clinic – 1 to 1 Session with ConsortiaCo. – 1 hour - Local Enterprise Office - Carlow

Clinic 3 Booking: Green for Business Clinic – 1 to 1 Session with Sustineo – 1 hour - Local Enterprise Office - Carlow

Clinic 4 Booking: Green for Business Clinic – 1 to 1 Session with Centigo – 1 hour - Local Enterprise Office - Carlow