Rent Payment

Local authority tenants must pay weekly rent to the local authority for their property.

The Housing Rents Section is responsible for the collection of rent on all Carlow County Council rented properties which comprises of over 2000 properties.

Rents in all houses are based on the Differential Rent Scheme which was last reviewed in 2016. Rents are calculated on the basis of household income in accordance with the scheme.

Rents are payable on a weekly basis in advance. Tenants have a variety of options open to them for paying their weekly rent including: -

  • Household Budget (An Post) – deduction at source from certain Social Welfare payments
  • Payment Card (An Post)
  • The Cash Office, County Buildings, Athy Road (Until 12.30pm daily)
  • The Credit Union
  • Cheque, postal order (no cash) through the postal system
  • Standing Order
  • Online Banking

Please note: -

  • Failure to pay your rent may put your tenancy at risk. If any tenant falls into arrears or is in financial distress, please contact the rents section immediately.
  • It is the responsibility of each tenant to inform the Council of any change in household circumstances e.g. changes to income, household composition etc
  • If a tenant wishes to add an occupant to the tenancy, please contact the Council in advance to seek consent and provide detail of the person you wish to add. Failure to declare a tenant may result in the accumulation of arrears on the rent account.

For further details: -