Rent Arrears Support

Local authorities may make a repayment arrangement with tenants who have rent arrears.

All tenants of Carlow County Council are required to pay a rent calculated based of your income. This scheme is called a differential rent scheme and is designed to ensure that the weekly rent payment is affordable. Failure to pay rent is a serious breach of the Tenancy Agreement and the Council may seek repossession of the property by applying for a repossession order to the courts.

If any tenant falls into arrears they should contact to set up a payment plan. A Tenant Liaison Officer is available to guide tenants through payment options and help set up a household budget payment plan.

In accordance with the Rents Scheme, there is a hardship clause that may be considered in exceptional circumstances. This would be considered where a household incurs essential costs outside normal weekly running costs and in the opinion of the Council, the payment of a full differential rent would give rise to hardship. In such circumstances a lesser payment may be accepted for a set duration.