Traveller Accommodation Support

Local authorities may support travellers living in social housing, group housing schemes or halting sites.

In addition to generic housing supports, members of the Traveller community can avail of Traveller specific supports to meet their accommodation needs including:

  • Caravan Loan and Grant Scheme
  • Grant to assist first time house purchases
  • Group Housing Schemes

Social work supports are also available to members of the Traveller Community who need assistance and support in relation to their accommodation needs.

Carlow County Council has an adopted Traveller Accommodation Programme (TAP) which outlines the accommodation needs, policy and implementation measures to address the accommodation needs of the Traveller Community. The mid-term review of the and revised targets are set out in the adopted programme below.

A Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee comprising of elected members, officials and members of the Traveller Community is established and advises the Council in relation to Traveller accommodation issues.