Tenancy Succession Support

Local authorities may support someone who has been living with a tenant in a local authority house to take over the tenancy when it ends.

In the event of death of a tenant, where there is a joint tenant, the tenancy may automatically be transferred to the surviving tenant or tenants

(a) In the event of death of tenant or joint tenant the tenancy shall ordinarily pass to any member of the family provided they are over 18 and have resided at the house and been assessed for rent purposes for a minimum of 18 months preceding the death of the tenant(s). Where there are two or more surviving family members meeting the criteria, a joint tenancy may be granted

(b) No succession shall be considered where the property has been designated as an older person’s dwelling or otherwise designated for special needs

(c) Families may be required to move to smaller accommodation if the house is deemed too large for their need

(d) Likewise, families may be required to move to alternative accommodation where a dwelling has been adapted for a person with a disability who no longer resides at the property

(e) In the case of anti-social behaviour of qualifying family member(s), the Council reserve the right to refuse succession to the tenancy

For more detail see the Housing Allocation Scheme 2021 - 2025  or contact applications@carlowcoco.ie