Social Housing Support

Local authorities may provide social housing to you if you qualify and cannot afford to rent or buy your own home.

Housing Applications

You can apply to Carlow County Council for Social Housing Support if you are in need of housing and cannot afford to provide it from your resources. In assessing your application, the Council will consider such factors as household size, household income, your present accommodation (if any), the condition of that accommodation, and any special circumstances including age, disability, medical circumstances etc. As part of your application a local connection to the area must be demonstrated.

Application forms for social housing are available:-

For help and guidance in filling out the application form please follow the following links: -

When completed you should return the form together with all of the relevant information requested to: 

The Housing Section, 
Carlow County Council, 
Tullow Civic Offices, 
Inner Relief Road, 

or drop it into the

Customer Services Desk, 
County Buildings, 
Athy Road, 
Carlow Town. 

Applications forms must be fully completed and all required documentation must accompany the application. All applications not fully completed will be deemed invalid and returned to the applicant.

Applications due to a disability or medical grounds

If you are applying for social housing or a social housing transfer due to a disability or medical grounds, you must complete: -

Please note, this must be filled out in addition to the Application for Social Housing Support form.