Housing Transfer Support

Local authorities may support tenants to transfer to another local authority house.

Application for Housing Transfer

Existing tenants of Social Housing accommodation may be allowed to mutually exchange their houses or apply for a transfer subject to agreement and the following conditions: -

  1. The transfer is necessary for reasons of proximity to employment, social, medical or other compassionate grounds
  2. There are no arrears of rent due in respect of either dwelling
  3. Both dwellings are in good repair and require no pre-letting repairs
  4. Transfers, except in exceptional circumstances, will not be considered for at least two years after the initial allocation of tenancies
  5. Have complied with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement/Letting Agreement
  6. Have no record of anti-social behaviour
  7. The accommodation needs of both families can be fully met in the exchanged properties

Other than those reasons stated above the Council will only consider a transfer in the following circumstances subject to the completion of the Housing Transfer Application Form :

  1. Overcrowding
  2. Where elderly or other small households wish to surrender a larger type accommodation to move to new accommodation
  3. Medical grounds (HMD1 medical form must accompany the application)
  4. Present accommodation is no longer suitable to cater for occupants needs
  5. To make better use of housing stock
  6. Other exceptional circumstances

Tenants will only be considered for transfer if they: -

  • Hold the tenancy in their present dwelling, for a period of at least two years, unless it is a temporary tenancy
  • Have a clear rent account – any transfer will take account of rent arrears but allowances may be made where an agreement is in place, and being adhered to by the tenant to address any such arrears over an agreed period of time
  • Have kept their dwelling in satisfactory condition, subject to inspection
  • Have complied with the conditions of their Tenancy Agreement
  • Have no record of anti-social behaviour.