Repair and Leasing Scheme

Local authorities may provide financial support to property owners to repair vacant properties. The property is repaired and leased to the local authority at a reduced cost.

The Repair and Leasing scheme is an option for owners of vacant properties who cannot afford or access the funding needed to bring their properties up to rental standards.

The scheme provides a loan of up to €80,000 per unit (including VAT) for any works necessary to bring the property up to the required standard. In return the property owner agrees to lease the property to the local authority or an approved housing body (AHB) for 5 to 25 years.

The loan is repaid to the local authority as a reduction in the lease payment over an agreed term.

All properties brought back into use under the scheme must be assessed by the local authority as being required for social housing.

For additional information on the Repair and Leasing Scheme please see the documents below: 

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