Housing Repairs and Maintenance

Local authorities may carry out repairs and maintenance to local authority houses.

Carlow County Council takes responsibility for the repair and maintenance of items affecting the structure of our properties and tenants are responsible for other issues, including any and all alterations and additions carried out to the property by themselves (subject to consent).

If there are repairs that need to be carried out to your home, you should first check whether it is your responsibility to carry out the repair. The list of tenant responsibilities can be found in the list of Council and Tenant Maintenance responsibilities . If the particular item is the Council’s responsibility you should report it to the Council. We will attend to your request as soon as possible.

Please log a maintenance request by contacting:

                               maintenance@carlowcoco.ie or 059 9136296

For after hours emergencies please contact 059 9170300. This line is to be used for emergencies where the tenant or property is at an immediate risk.