Part V Acquisition

Local authorities may buy new houses from property developers for social and affordable housing under Part V of the planning laws.

Part V refers to Part V of the Planning and Development Acts 2000 to 2021. The purpose of Part V is for the State to capture a portion of the increase in land value resulting from the granting of planning permission for residential development.

The current Part V legislation provides for local authorities to acquire 20% of this land at existing use value and to utilise this land to deliver homes to those households who qualify for social and affordable housing support.

All developments of 4 units or more are required to engage with the Housing Authority in advance of applying for Planning to ensure that Part V obligations are met. There are a number of options for a developer to meet Part V obligations.

For further information and details of the changes and transitional arrangements to Part V brought in by the Affordable Housing Act 2021 a useful guide has been prepared by the Housing Agency