Antisocial Behaviour Control

Local authorities investigate antisocial behaviour involving local authority tenants. If necessary, they may involve An Garda Síochána (national police).

Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy 2021-2025

Local authorities and housing associations in Ireland have specific powers to take enforcement action on tenants of social housing units who are engaging in anti-social behaviour. 

This means being involved in drug dealing or any behaviour that might cause danger, injury, damage or fear to people living in the area. This might include violence, threats, intimidation or harassment.

Those tenants engaged in anti-social behaviour will be subjected to an escalating warning system which can ultimately lead to the tenants being excluded from a local authority estate or being evicted from the property they are renting.

Carlow County Council may also refuse to let a dwelling or refuse to consent to the purchase of a dwelling on the grounds of anti-social behaviour. Tenants of local authority housing who breach the terms of their tenancy agreement on the grounds of anti-social behaviour and their tenancy is terminated, will not be entitled to social housing support.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy 2021-2025 was adopted in 2021 and outlines the objectives, strategies and policies that are in place in Carlow. This policy brings in the legislative changes under the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014.

If you have a compliant in relation to any tenant of Carlow County Council please fill out the complaint form and email to