Heritage Data Collection

Local authorities may support projects to collect local heritage data such as area placenames and historic graveyards and preserve it for future generations.

The Heritage Office undertakes regular baseline surveys on aspects of the heritage of County Carlow (Built, Natural and Cultural) as identified in the County Heritage Plan and in consultation with the Carlow Heritage Forum. The Heritage Office also advises community groups about funding opportunities that may suit local initiatives. The Heritage Office supports suitable baseline surveys and offers advise to assist communities achieve their aims. The Heritage Officer also carries out audits/surveys that compliment national and local strategies/programmes.

Recent Audits/ Baseline Surveys

2022: The Vernacular Heritage of the Blackstairs Mountains (Courtney Deery Heritage Consultants)

Current in 2023

A Heritage Audit of Water Pumps in County Carlow

The Placenames and Fieldnames of Carlow Town and Environs

A Survey of Swifts in County Carlow (Being undertaken by Birdwatch Ireland)

A Survey of Barn Owls in County Carlow (Being undertaken by Birdwatch Ireland)