Community Heritage Support

Local authorities may support community and voluntary groups who are developing community heritage projects by providing heritage advice, supporting them with projects and facilitating engagement between national heritage stakeholders and the local community.

The Heritage Office routinely supports a series of community groups that express an interest in progressing projects that looks at aspects of built, cultural and natural heritage. The Heritage Council offers annual funding opportunities to assist community groups under the Community Heritage Grant Scheme - Projects offered funding by the Heritage Council | The Heritage Council

Current Community Grant project in Carlow include a Heritage Audit of the area around Kildavin by the Cranavane Holy Well Committee; Drummin Bog Oral History Project by the Drummin Bog Committee and Memories of School Days at Rathanna National School by the Rathanna ICA Guild.

Each of these community groups will contribute to the national celebration of Carlow’s Heritage – Heritage Week 2023 from 12-20 August.

Anyone wishing to discuss the heritage of the county (Built, Cultural and Natural) should contact Eoin Sullivan, Heritage Officer –