Statutory Access to Information

Access to Information on Environment Request

You can send a request to the local authority for access to environmental information such as air, noise and water quality reports, and policies and plans on environmental protection measures.

Data Access Request

You can send the local authority a request to access your personal data, to check if data about you exists, be told of the content and source of personal data, and update, correct or delete your personal data.

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Local authorities publish schemes to outline their commitment to make information available to the public outside of information provided under Freedom of Information law. This includes information about the local authority structure and its management, the services it provides, decisions and financial information.

Freedom of Information Request

You can send the local authority a request to access official records. You can also ask that your personal records are amended or deleted if they are incorrect or misleading. You have the right to request reasons for decisions taken by the local authority which affect you and the right to appeal the decision.

Office of the Ombudsman Request

Local authorities respond to the Office of the Ombudsman about complaints from the public relating to unresolved issues with the local authority such as an undue delay failing to take action on local authority matters.