Age Friendly Strategy Consultation

Local authorities, together with their local Age Friendly Alliance board, prepare strategies for creating communities which support older people and enable them to stay actively engaged in their community. You can have an input into the strategies through consultation.

Age Friendly Ireland is the organisation responsible for the national Age Friendly Programme, affiliated to the World Health Organization’s [WHO] Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities.

The programme involves a multiagency, multi-sectoral approach to age-related planning and service provision. 

Age Friendly Ireland supports cities and counties to be more inclusive of older people by addressing their expressed concerns and interests under the eight pillars of the World Health Organization’s global programme.    

  1. Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Respect and Social Inclusion
  5. Social Participation
  6. Civic Participation & Employment
  7. Information and Communication
  8. Community & Health Services

Age Friendly Carlow

Age Friendly Carlow is delivered by Carlow County Council and works to improve planning, services, facilities, and amenities for older people. 

An Age Friendly County therefore is a county ‘that recognises the great diversity among older people and promotes their inclusion in all areas of community life. It is a county that respects their decisions and lifestyle choices and anticipates and responds to related needs and preferences’ (Age Friendly Ireland).

The key stakeholders to this programme are the Age Friendly Alliance and Carlow Older Persons Forum / Older Peoples Council.  The Age Friendly Alliance is a multi-agency group brings together older people, service providers and businesses to change thinking about aging and how services to our older people are planned and delivered. 

If you’d like to find out more about this programme, please contact the Age Friendly Carlow office.

Phone: 059 9136207


National Link: Age Friendly Ireland