Civic Honours and Commemorations

Books of Condolence

Local authorities may open books of condolence to allow the public to express their sympathy when a public figure dies or a major tragic event happens.

Civic Receptions Management

Local authorities may host civic receptions to recognise an individual's, group's or organisation's achievements and contribution to society at local, national or international level.

Commemorations Programme

Local authorities may mark significant historical events by hosting commemoration ceremonies or exhibitions, laying wreaths, holding prayer or memorial services, or planting trees.

Decade of Commemorations Programme

Local authorities may run a programme of events and activities to commemorate events that took place between 1912 and 1922 as part of the national Decade of Commemorations Programme.

National Commemorative Programmes Support

Archive Services may take part in national programmes such as the Decade of Centenaries and National Famine Commemoration to commemorate and celebrate significant Irish historical events.