Motor Tax Services

Commercial Vehicle Motor Tax

Owners of commercial vehicles which are being taxed for the first time must tax their vehicle with the local authority.

Motor Tax

Owners of vehicles may tax their vehicle for the first time, renew motor tax or change vehicle details at their local authority or online at

Motor Tax Exemption

Owners of vehicles that are exempt from motor tax may receive an exempt motor tax disc from their local authority.

Motor Tax Information and Advice

Local authorities provide information and advice about motor tax such as how to tax a vehicle, motor tax rates, fees, change of ownership and exemptions.

Motor Tax Refund

You can apply to the local authority for a motor tax refund if your taxed vehicle is scrapped, destroyed or stolen or is no longer being used on a public road.

Motor Vehicle Non Use Declaration

You must submit an off the road declaration to the local authority if you are not renewing your motor tax during the month it expires.

Trade Plate Licence

Motor traders and repairers with a valid garage code may apply to the local authority for a licence to transport unregistered or untaxed vehicles on the road.

Trailer Registration

You must register a new or imported trailer for the first time with the local authority.

Vehicle Conversion Declaration

You must register the conversion of your vehicle with the local authority if you change its EU vehicle category, number of seats or body type.