Councillor Donation Statements

Local authorities publish annual statements to provide details of political donations councillors received during the previous year.

Donation Statement & Declaration for Elected Members

Under the terms of the Local Elections (Disclosure of Donations and Expenditure) Act 1999 as amended by the Electoral (Amendment) (Political Funding) Act 2012, Members of a Local Authority are required to furnish the Local Authority not later than 31st January each year, a Statement indicating whether during the previous year that Member received any single donation exceeding €600 in value or donations from the same person exceeding €600 in aggregate value.

Details of any such donations to be set out in Appendix 1 – Donation Statement Form which the Local Authority is required to have publicly available within 14 days of the latest date for receipt of Statements.

The Local Authority must publish a notice in a newspaper giving details of the time and place where the Statements can be inspected and the names of any Members who have not furnished Statements.