Packaging Regulations Enforcement

Local authorities regulate the disposal of packaging waste by businesses.

The Packaging Waste Regulations place obligations on persons, companies or partnerships (i.e. ‘Producers’) that, in the course of business, place packaging, packaging material or packaged products on the Irish market. Producers include shops, supermarkets, retailers, pubs, manufacturers, importers, fast food outlets, etc.

Carlow County Council are responsible for monitoring, inspecting, reporting and enforcing these Regulations.

Carlow County Council can issue a producer (both major and non-major) with a Notice, under Article 25 of the Regulations, requiring the submission of a Packaging Report, compiled by an approved person, within a stated time frame.

What must Producers do under the Packaging Regulations?

All producers must segregate their packaging waste arising on site into specified waste streams and ensure that it is recycled or recovered by an authorised waste contractor. Producers must not contaminate packaging waste. All producers must not supply packaging unless the packaging complies with the requirements of the ‘Essential Requirements’, set out in the Regulations.

Producers with a turnover of more than €1million that place 10 tonnes per annum of packaging on to the Irish market (known as a ‘Major Producer’) are obligated to participate in a recovery scheme operated by an approved body (i.e. join REPAK).

What do I do if I previously Self-complied?

All major producers must register in order to meet their main obligations.

It is no longer an option to ‘self-comply’ under the local authority.