Temporary Event Signage Permission

You must apply to the local authority for a permit to use temporary signage to advertise events.

Advertising and Temporary Signage

Carlow County Council recognises that clear signage is essential for people to effectively manage journeys, way-find and stay informed of important information.

Excess signage can cause distraction, confusion, represent a danger and cause a hinderance in particular to those whose mobility is impaired and detract from the appearance of an area.

You must apply to Carlow County Council for a permit to use temporary signage to advertise events.

What is Temporary Signage?

Temporary signs are generally constructed of lightweight materials with a limited life expectancy, such as paper, corri-board, timber or light plastic.

The Carlow County Council signage policy outlines the guidelines for the erection of temporary signage in County Carlow.

What Groups require a Signage Permit?

Under this policy the following types of events can be licenced by the local authority namely, Cultural, Community based, Sporting, Educational, Religious, Funfair, Social, Recreational, Circus and entertainment.

How do I apply for A Signage Permit?

To apply for a temporary Signage permit, complete the Temporary Signage Application Form below and provide the following supporting documentation.

  • Drawing or Photo clearly showing the size, shape, colour’s to be used on the sign.
  • Details of the Approximate height of the sign above ground.
  • Details of how the signs will be fixed (pole, wall, Wooden stakes etc.).

Your fully complete application form can be returned together with the above listed documentation can be sent by email to environment@carlowcoco.ie or by post to:

Environment Section

Carlow County Council

Assembly Rooms,

Coxs Lane,


Where are Temporary Signs not Permitted?

Signs are not permitted in the following areas:

  • Withing 15m of the entry of or exit to a roundabout or junction including on the roundabout centre island itself.
  • On road regulatory signs.
  • Causing interfere with sight distance from any junction/entrance from a property.
  • On motorways including overbridges, interchanges, on/off ramps or lands adjoining mainline motorway routes.

Permission may be required from statutory agencies such ESB or Eircom for erection of posters on their property.

For any queries in relation to the erection of Temporary Signage please contact the environment section by phone 059 913 6231 or email environment@carlowcoco.ie