Biodiversity Awareness Initiatives

Local authorities run initiatives to protect plants, animals and wildlife habitats as part of their biodiversity awareness activities.

The Heritage Office through its remit for natural heritage, supports communities and the County Council in practical ways to increase biodiversity for all people within the County. The Heritage Office in consultation with the Carlow Heritage Forum takes active steps to raise awareness of the nature of biodiversity (maintaining and enhancing the diversity of biological lifeforms that live alongside humans as part of the natural heritage) and its significance in maintaining a healthy rural and urban landscape in County Carlow.

The Heritage Office is overseeing the following Biodiversity Projects, funded by the National Biodiversity Action Fund (NBAF) that will produce baseline data surveys and raise awareness of aspects of biodiversity in the county.

Barn Owl Survey (Birdwatch Ireland)

Swift Survey (Birdwatch Ireland)

Distribution of a Barn Owl Booklet to National Schools within the County

Forest School Training for National School Teachers

An Awareness Raising series of radio promotions in collaboration with Kilkenny County Council through KCLR