Burials Register

Local authorities maintain a public register of all burials in local authority burial grounds.

Carlow County Council maintains a burial register for all 18 council operated cemeteries. It is the responsibility of the cemetery Registrar of each cemetery to maintain the cemetery records.

A list of all the Burial Grounds managed by Carlow County Council and contact details for the local Registrar who looks after our Burial Grounds can be requested by contacting the environment section.

Phone: 059 9136231
Email: environment@carlowcoco.ie 

The Role of the Registrar

  • The cemetery Registrar is the first point of contact for undertakers and sometimes family members when recording internments.
  • Registrars record internments in the Burial Ground Register. All burials must be recorded on an internment notice by the Registrar. This includes new burials, burials in existing plots, cremation burials and inurnment in Columbarium Wall Niches. The scattering of ashes is strictly prohibited.
  • A Registrar may ask you for details such as, First Name and Surname, time of death, sex, age, religious, and occupation or rank in life of the deceased, together with their last place of residence, and condition, as whether “married”, “single”, “divorced”, “separated”, “widower” or “widow”, or “the child of” etc. Registrars are required to record these details under the Rules and Regulations for the Regulation of Burial Grounds 1888 (as Amended 2013). These questions are all completely normal and are used to ensure that all details of a person’s passing are accurately recorded for historical record.
  • Registrars send internment notices to Carlow County Council to ensure the details are recorded digitally, the appropriate burial fees are applied, and Deeds are issued for new plots where necessary.
  • Registrars review headstone permit application details to ensure the proposed headstone complies with burial ground headstone regulations. Once approved by the Registrar the application is reviewed by the Senior Executive Engineer before final approval is granted.
  • The registrar must be contacted before all works in erecting a monument/headstone is carried out.