Air Pollution Complaint Reporting

Local authorities may investigate complaints about air pollution.

To make an environmental complaint relating to air pollution please contact the environment section on 059 913 6231or email

Air Quality

The Quality of the Air You Breath

Clean air is essential for our quality of life.  While recent decades have seen significant improvements in air quality in Ireland, air pollution continues to cause damage to both our health and environment. The EPA’s annual ‘Air Quality in Ireland’ reports consistently state that Ireland’s air quality is generally good, but that some localised areas of concern remain. These arise mainly from residential and transport emissions.

In addition, the European Environment Agency states that air pollution is linked to approx. 1,400 premature deaths in Ireland each year. This is up to ten times the number of people who die on our roads. These deaths arise from health conditions which are linked to air pollution, such as heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases.

A range of air quality legislation is therefore in place in Ireland to protect our air quality and safeguard the health of all.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring in Ireland is led by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the national Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programme (AAMP). Real-time and historic data from all monitoring stations across the State is available at all times at

In addition, the EPA operates an Air Quality Index for Health (AQIH), which runs on a scale from 1 (Good) to 10 (Very Poor). The latest AQIH for all monitoring station locations is also available at all times at

Carlow County Council have assisted the EPA in locating and installing the ambient air monitor at the Council Buildings, Athy Road, Carlow. This EPA monitor is referred to as Station 54 Carlow Town by the EPA. Detailed information and real time data relating to air quality levels in Carlow Town is available on the EPA website and can be accessed at

Air Quality Legislation & Enforcement

Carlow County Council has monitoring and enforcement responsibilities and powers under a range of Air Quality legislation, including:


Air Emissions Licences
Local Authorities are empowered under the Air Pollution Acts (Licensing of Industrial Plant) Regulations 1988 ( to license certain classes of activities which may give rise to air emissions. Activities qualifying for an Air Emissions License are listed in Schedule 3 of the Air Pollution Act 1987 and it is the responsibility of Carlow County Council to control and condition such activities.

Public Information

Application for Air Emissions Licence
Licence Application Guidance Notes

Air Quality in Carlow Report

Further Information

Regulatory information on current air quality can be obtained by clicking the link:-

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To make an environmental complaint relating to air quality please contact the environment section on 059 913 6231 or email