Fire and Emergency Awareness Initiatives

Local authorities run fire station open days and visit schools to raise awareness of the fire and emergency service. These visits also educate pupils about fire safety and prevention in their homes, schools and community.

Carlow County Fire and Rescue Service Community Fire Safety have identified a specific high-risk demographic to be targeted for focused Awareness Initiatives -

  • Remote rural
  • Elderly
  • Farmer and agricultural worker
  • Disability
  • Alcohol use

Considering these factors and through local health professionals such as the public health nurses, social workers in the community, Older Persons Forums and Carlow County Development Partnership efforts can be made to target high-risk individuals.  The health professionals in Carlow may be contacted and invitations made for referrals of any client of concern.  Upon referral, clients can be contacted (usually through the referring health professional or carer) for a home fire safety check with smoke alarm installation if necessary. 

Elderly persons, more often males, living alone at home in remote rural areas, clearly requiring a level of care, sometimes with certain medical or behavioural issues (e.g depression, substance abuse, hoarding) have been seen to be a very high fire risk and would be particular targets for this focussed approach.