Community Smoke Alarm Scheme

Local authorities may provide smoke alarms to vulnerable and older residents to install in their homes.

Carlow County Fire and Rescue Service have for the past number of years and will continue to be involved in Community Smoke Alarm Programmes within County Carlow.  Various studies over recent years have indicated a national smoke alarm coverage rate in the 90-95% range.

Maintaining working smoke alarms in the home is the best way of alerting to the presence of fire, therefore providing an early opportunity to escape.  This is the number one message that will be delivered in all Carlow County Fire and Rescue Service Community Smoke Alarm Schemes while providing and installing smoke detectors in the homes of those most at risk.

The main initiative and most cost-effective method of reducing fire deaths is to have working smoke alarms fitted to 100% of domestic dwellings. Carlow County Fire and Rescue Service works with the Community and Enterprise Section of Carlow County Council to assist it in ensuring that all domestic dwellings in the Administrative Area of the Fire Authority are fitted with two smoke alarms in all single storey dwellings and four fitted to two-story dwellings. Ongoing public messaging campaigns are maintained to encourage members of the public to test their smoke alarms once a week to ensure that they are working.

If your COMMUNITY GROUP is interested, please contact

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