Dangerous Substance Licence

You must apply to the appropriate Dangerous Substances Regional Office for a licence if you wish to store flammable liquids and fuels such as petrol, kerosene or diesel for sale or supply to members of the public, commercial businesses or for your own personal use.

Carlow County Council as a licencing authority has a role in licensing, inspection and prosecuting breaches of licences under the Dangerous Substance Act, 1972 and Dangerous Substances Regulations, 2019.

For further details on licencing, application forms and how to apply for a licence click here


Carlow County Council, as the licencing authority, charge a licence fee for licences under both Regulations which are set out in the Dangerous Substances (Licensing Fees) Regulations, 1979 (S.I. No. 301 of 1979).  In addition to the licence fee, Carlow County Council as the licensing authority also apply a charge fee of €250 in respect of site inspection  associated with the processing of licence applications. 

The fees for the grant or renewal of a licence per year (or part of year) are as follows, depending on the viable storage capacity of the particular store plus a non-refundable administration charge of €250.00 in respect of a licence.:

Less than 500 Litres Capacity €3.81
Between 501 – 2500 Litres Capacity €7.62
Between 2501 - 5000 Litres Capacity €11.43
Between 5001 - 25000 Litres Capacity €15.24
Between 25001 - 50000 Litres Capacity €30.47
Between 50001 - 10000 Litres Capacity €45.71
Between 100001 - 100000 Litres Capacity €63.49
Above 250000 Litres Capacity €126.97

Transfer or replacement of existing licence: €3.81 per year (or part of year) for the balance of the existing validity period

Fee for obtaining a certificate of testing as per regulations 14 & 15 of Air Pollution Act 1987 (petroleum vapour emissions) Regulations 1997: €63.49

Thus a facility which stores 80,000 would have the following charge for a 3 year licence:

Licence fee 3 years x €45.71
Administrative charge €250
Total €387.13