Healthy Cities and Counties Programme

Local authorities, together with other agencies, may take part in the National Healthy Cities and Counties of Ireland Network through their Local Community Development Committees to promote lifelong health and wellbeing and influence national health policy.

Healthy Ireland is a national response to improve health and wellbeing across the country. The Healthy Ireland framework for improved health and wellbeing sets out the vision, goals and priorities for 2013-2025. Since 2017, Healthy Carlow has received €1,073,630.68 investment from Strand 1 of the Healthy Ireland Fund.

Carlow LCDC together with the Healthy Carlow Committee have overseen the implementation of the Healthy Carlow Programme to date and the development of a Healthy Carlow Local Strategy for 2023-2025. 

The outcome for Healthy Carlow from 2023-2025 is to 'Increase individuals level of positive mental health as per Energy and Vitality Index' as part of the Healthy Ireland Fund Round 4. There are 4 main project partners who will deliver programmes to achieve this outcome. They are;

Carlow Sports Partnership

  • Physical Activity and Wellbeing Programmes

Carlow County Council, Community Section

  • Community Based Training, Continuous Professional Development and Social Events

St. Catherines Community Services Centre

  • Training Programmes for Older Persons and Families

Waterford Leader Partnership

  • Social Farming Programme

If you would like to take part in any of our initiatives or have any suggestions about improving the services, we provide you can contact our Healthy Carlow Coordinator who will be happy to help you.

For more information

Please contact the Healthy Carlow Coordinator.

Martina Walsh, Email: