Public Participation Network Support

Local authorities set up and support networks to encourage registered community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental groups to take part in the council's decision-making and policy making processes, and to monitor local authority activities.

About Carlow PPN

The role of Carlow PPN is to advance community and voluntary interests utilising community development principles and will work in partnership with Carlow County Council and local development agencies to deliver meaningful community led local development that benefits Carlow local communities. Their aim is to facilitate and enable the public and the organisations to articulate their diverse range of views and interests within the local government system. They aim to demonstrate that regular public participation builds trust and confidence and demonstrates that change is possible. Individuals and community groups can become more responsible for their quality of life and for the quality of life for their future generations. The objectives of Carlow PPN are to establish for the benefit of the community, an inclusive networking body, promoting equality and active citizenship and to empower disadvantaged groups to participate in a programme of personal and social development.

Carlow PPN:

  • provides a mechanism for the County Council to consult with the public on new plans/strategies, policies, services and supports.
  • acts as a platform for groups/organisations to develop policies and positions on issues of common interest and to advocate for these with the Council.
  • facilitates the participation and representation of the community, voluntary, social inclusion, and environment sectors on Council committees.
  • strengthens the capacity of groups /organisations to contribute positively to the community in which they reside/participate.
  • provide networking opportunities and act as a hub around which information and ideas are shared.
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Carlow PPN Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025:

 Strategic Plan 2022-2025 Goals and Objectives

Wellbeing Statement

Carlow PPN strives to promote a positive sustainable community with wellbeing at its core and where all people can participate and are valued.