Public Participation Network Registration

Community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental groups can register to join Carlow Public Participation Network.

A Public Participation Network (PPN) a network that allows local authorities to connect with community groups around the country.  There is a PPN in each county in Ireland. The PPN is the 'go to' for all local authorities who wish to benefit from community and voluntary expertise in their area.  The purpose of the Public Participation Networks is to bring together community & voluntary, social inclusion and environmental groups in an independent structure. Through the PPN, these groups have opportunities for networking, communication and sharing of information which leads to participation in local decision making and collective action. Members will be better informed about Carlow County Councils services, activities, and funding. Carlow PPN is a non-party political and non-sectarian representative organisation that acts as a voice for all community and voluntary organisations in County Carlow.

Carlow PPN:

  • Facilitate the representation and participation of our members on boards/committees and decision-making bodies.
  • Provide a mechanism for Carlow County Council to consult with the public and community groups on new plans/strategies, policies, consultations, and services.
  • Strengthen the capacity of groups/organisations to contribute positively to their local community and the wider area.

Who can join:

  1. General Community and Voluntary i.e., residents’ associations, sports groups, social groups, Tidy Towns etc.
  2. Social Inclusion i.e., focused on people experiencing disadvantage or inequality, minority groups.
  3. Environmental i.e., focused on protecting the environment and sustainable development.

Please visit Carlow PPN Website.