Business Mentoring

Local Enterprise Offices may provide one to one mentoring to business owners and managers in areas such as general management, business strategy, financial planning, market research, marketing and promotion, and website planning.

The Mentor Programme is designed to help individuals who:

  1. Have a business idea. You are serious about starting a business, undertaken some primary research and have a draft business plan.
  1. Have a busine­ss up and running. The business is facing some challenges and you seek an experienced mentor to give you some advice and direction.

Carlow Local Enterprise Office can provide individuals/companies with temporary advisers who will help you identify and overcome obstacles during the business development stages. We have a panel of advisers that is made up of mature and experienced businesspeople.

A) I have an idea for a business / product, what should I do?

Ideally you should have a business outline (ideas down on paper) or draft business plan before applying to the Mentor programme. 

B) I am running a business and need help, where should I turn?

Having set up a business many entrepreneurs face issues that they have never dealt with before.  In some cases they do not know who to turn to for some advice and guidance.  Meeting one of the LEO screening mentors will give you an opportunity to discuss the areas of help you need with your business.  Following on from this meeting the screening mentor will do up a report and submit it to the Business Advisor who will then follow up on these recommendations. All applicants must go through the screening process before being assigned a mentor.

Please complete our  Mentor Support Form to apply for the Mentoring.