Culture Trail Initiatives

Local authorities may run food and drink trails, music trails and art, craft and design trails to showcase local culture and promote locations as attractive tourism destinations.

Carlow County Council works with Carlow Tourism in the development of a variety of cultural trails which include:

The Columban Way:

The Columban Way walk in County Carlow gives visitors the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the inspirational sixth century monk St Columbanus, who was born at the foot of Mount Leinster. The Carlow walk joins the finished route at Bangor, County Down as part of a wider national and European Columban Way.

Further details: The Columban Way - Carlow Tourism

Carlow Garden Trail:

OPEN all year round, the Carlow Garden Trail currently features 21 different gardening attractions. The trail includes great old gardens that have been lovingly restored and maintained throughout the years, and smaller gardens which are maturing beautifully with time.

Further details: Welcome to Carlow Garden Trail, South East Ireland – Carlow Garden Trail

South Carlow Adventure Trail:

Its wide open spaces, mountains and valleys are ideal for the outdoors, whether for a leisurely activity or a real adventure. Walk a towpath or a mountain trail, hire a river barge or canoe and kayak along the rapids of the River Barrow, freewheel on quiet roads or navigate the winding trails of the Blackstairs Mountains on a mountain bike. Whatever your chosen sport, the South Carlow landscape and its people make it that bit more enjoyable.

Further details: South Carlow Adventure Trail - Carlow Tourism

Trail of the Saints:

Carlow is a county with an exceptionally rich, spiritual and ecclesiastical heritage with a number of sites of national significance. These include the monastic site at St. Mullins, the Romanesque doorway at Killeshin, the medieval Cathedral of Old Leighlin, the eighteenth-century College and nineteenth-century Catholic Cathedral in Carlow and the exquisite Adelaide Memorial Church at Myshall.

Further details: Carlow Trails (